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AoLS has constructed courses that follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you complete them all […]


AoLS has constructed courses that follow the Common European Framework of Reference
for Languages (CEFR). If you complete them all you will have covered all the language skills
until B2 (upper intermediate) level. This course is the first of 4 modules for the A1 (elementary)
Teacher availability: For general questions about the course, content, homework, etc., I invite
you to ask your questions via the forum, in the appropriate section. For questions too personal for
the forum send me an email message. Please note that if you send me a question of general
interest on my mailbox, I will invite you to ask it on the forum.
Welcome to all our learners:
You are registered here on AoLS, an online tutoring platform. You are more motivated to take
the plunge than you have never been before. And you just found the ideal teacher for you!
However, in order to be entirely ready to begin with your classes and as efficient as they can be,
you need the right equipment.
Here is everything you need to learn at best from home.
1. A functioning computer, laptop or iPad of smart phone
2. A good internet connection
3. A vision/video conference software
4. A microphone
5. A webcam
Course Requirements:
This course is for you if:
– you have never studied English before
– you have studied at school but not very well and you would rather see the rules again
– you studied a long time ago and you have forgotten a lot of things
– you want to begin a programme of learning English which will include all the grammar
necessary to have a B2 (upper intermediate) level of English
Aim and Objectives:
What you will learn
In this course you will learn how to introduce yourself, how to use the verb "to be" to say where
you are and how you feel, talk about what you do, what you did yesterday, how to use “a”, “an”
and “the”, possession and much more.
What is included in the course
– videos which explain each grammar point separately
– pdf printouts with grammar explanations
– bonus material for vocabulary
– mp3 downloads so you can listen to the course wherever you are
– tests at the end of every lesson to check that you have understood the lesson
– exam at the end of course and a certificate if you pass
Ready? Let's get started!

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